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Our academic program
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A child’s first formal educational experience sets the stage for a lifetime of learning. Our school’s play-based and academic setting, prepares your child for the playful early years of life and for later schooling. Our preschool program sets the foundation for the transition to first grade and beyond. Young preschoolers learn from adults who engage and stimulate intellectual curiosity while imparting key social skills.


Dowal School embraces a holistic teaching approach in which differentiated instruction is employed with a continuous in-process assessment. Students work cooperatively in small groups while teachers facilitate. Learning styles and academic strengths are accommodated. Talents are developed as the school balances academics, athletics, and the arts in a three-part program.


Our challenging curriculum aims to inspire students to achieve the exceptional and empower them for life. Students are enabled to excel, promote values and develop a clear sense of leadership. Our alumni proudly representour school and our country wherever their paths lead.