an oasis of wisdom and peace

Our History

Dowal School was founded in 1987 by the Asociación Hondureña para la Enseñanza de la Educación Tecnológica Experimental (ASHETEX) and started operating in its own facilities located at Colonia Linda Vista in Tegucigalpa. Dowal School´s infrastructure plan was specifically designed and built to provide students with comfort, security, and a sense of fulfillment during the teaching-learning process. In its initial stage, the school began offering Preschool education with a clear vision of a progressive further expansion to Elementary and Middle/High School levels.

To this day, all three academic levels are fully organized and operational, each functioning exclusively in its own building, thanks to the creative initiative and zealous effort of its founders, Ms. Irma Cristina Domínguez Cantarero and the late Mr. John Walter Connor, alongside the unconditional and loyal support of a tireless and loyal team of coworkers, which has become in itself the heart and soul of our school. Throughout the years, teachers and staff who have been part of this visionary project since its inception in the late 1980s, have witnessed how the school has gone from modestly teaching to only nineteen students to emerge as one of the leading learning centers in the country.

Our Vision

To become the leading bilingual institution in the educational transformation of Honduras, shaping the minds of future global citizens who will be self-sufficient and driven by values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage students to achieve the highest academic international standards, enhanced by means of artistic appreciation and the understanding of global diversity and social justice.